[MUSIC] Tree City – Hari Om

Tree City, Hari Om, Clavius Crates, DJ Cataclysmic, GenPop, Ann Arbor, Hip Hop, Branch Out Collective, Michigan

A lot can happen in two years! Since 2011, when Tree City last dropped “Definement,” much has gone down. And the resulting song, “Hari Om” details just that. Happiness, turmoil, confidence, self-doubt, and travels to India were all inspirations for the track.

“Hari Om” was produced by Clavius Crates (who also designed the cover art). DJ Cataclysmic holds it down on the hook and electric bass. Shout out to VishnuKali, Shiva and Ganesh! This one is from THE LANDS, straight to where you stand.


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